The Vision


To help make the world a fitter, healthier and happier place
one person at a time.


Our mission is to introduce fitness in a new,  fun and non-intimidating way to people desiring to make positive change.   We unleash and support the inner athlete for those who believe that they can do anything they set their mind to so long as they are willing to try.


i tri man
Fitness and health are not about perfection but about consistency and what we do MOST of the time.

i tri man
Positive change starts with a thought, the simple belief that “I can.”

i tri man
Change does not come until we try… and commit to keep trying.

i tri man
Even the smallest effort, if done consistently and with a committed heart makes an difference.

i tri man

** None of the information on this site is intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor.  Always seek the input of your medical provider regarding changes in diet and physical activity levels.

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